The Starkillers are back! From 2077, with their single ‘Are You Thinking of Me?’

They are on the top of the charts in their own time, and have traveled a long way from the year 2077 to bring back their first hit single from the future, “Are You Thinking of Me?”, for the generations before their time to enjoy. Reminiscent of the songs created by early 21st century bands The Arctic Monkeys, Foster The People, and Walk the Moon, “Are You Thinking of Me” is an extraterrestrial tune with upbeat instrumental hooks, larger than life vocals, and lyrics that scream deep meaning of the hardships of a toxic relationship.

Having collaborated with engineers Matthew Tryba and Brian “Nox” Eisner, this track is a brilliant contradiction of cheery tone and hard-hitting lyrics, sung by frontman Jon Omen with a fervently-buoyant melancholy that is sure to relate to anyone who has been in or around a bad breakup. “Are You Thinking of Me” explores the feeling of being in a one-sided relationship, and the realization that it might not survive. If there’s one thing that remained the same over the passage of time, it is the woes of a troubled relationship.

This is the first song of nine on their upcoming album, which explores the cycles of a toxic relationship – mixing complicated, emotion-driven lyrics with alt-pop beats and catchy hooks, each song building off the last. Purposeful lyrics meet with infectious melodies and engaging arrangements, elevating the new yet committed indie quartet as they ultimately embrace the alternative pop domain and live stages of the US and beyond. “Are You Thinking of Me” expresses that difficult time when you knew something wasn’t going to work out in a relationship, and the frustration that comes with that self realization.

The Starkillers are a band of four, clad in cyber-tech and futuristic wares, that weave their music and image with neon lights and intense riffs. They are from a dystopian future, from a planet much like our own. Blending cyberpunk flavors and futuristic themes, sounds and visuals, their music and overall image showcases the culmination of years of artistic allure and fascination for the relentless unknown. Stylishly blending hypnotic soundscapes with contemporary rhythms and outright immersive escapism, The Starkillers hit the space with a dreamy twist of contemplation and faultless musicianship at the heart of their performances. Backed by the intensity and grit of an authentic live rock approach, layering organic guitars, bass, vocals and rhythms alongside skillfully unique production, the band promise a refreshing spin on the current sound of independent music.

They are beginning to play shows throughout our year of 2022, that are sure to be a stellar display of great performances and catchy music. They are currently preparing for their debut performance, set for September 22nd, as well as getting more of their songs ready for the time leap from the future to later this year and early 2023.




New Video: Lon Don – Semme Da Addy Remix Featuring Glockyana, Zipporah and Swagg2x

New Video: Lon Don – Semme Da Addy Remix Featuring Glockyana, Zipporah and Swagg2x

Independent record labels CLR Music Group, LLC & Mack 9 Music Group, LLC present “Semme Da Addy Remix” by South Side, Chicago artists Lon Don featuring Glockyana, Zipporah and Swagg2x official music video. Lon Don is a songwriter, producer and entrepreneur. Lon Don achieved recognition for his works with rappers Kanye West, Jay-Z, Joe, Johnny P, Do or Die, Traed, State Property, Ricjilla, Fathatyme, American Idol’s very own Angela Martin, Cap 1, Mikkey Halsted, Charles Mack, Corona Brome, Young ACE, Sound Trakk (Producer for Lupe Fiasco), L.E.P with DJ Monty and Mikey Mike. Lon Don has been heard on 92.3, 107.5 WGCI, Say Less Do More TV, Wala Radio and other iHeart radio stations. Lon Don has worked with multi-platinum producers, Kanye West and The Legendary Traxter and he has written for artists on a work for hire basis. He worked with Rocafella artists and helped with the State Property 2 soundtrack and College Drop Out. With an upcoming music project featuring Kanye West, Legendary Traxster, Realionaire Money and Aceron. Checkout Semme Da Addy Remix, Lon Don ft. Glockyana, Zipporah and Swagg2x official music video.

Lon Don

New Video: Aceron – Wavy Featuring Lil Eazy-E And Gizelle | @AceronYBMG

New Video: Aceron – Wavy Featuring Lil Eazy-E And Gizelle

Chicago’s Own Aceron is back with his 2nd Hit Single “Wavy” Off His Soon To Be Released Album Entitled “Poise” This Time He Brought the Legendary Godfather of Gangsta Rap Eazy-E First Son Lil Eazy-E With Him. The Heavy Bass And Strong Percussions Give it that West Coast Feel With a Midwest Twist. Fellow Chicagoan R&B Songstress Gizelle Provided the Voice For the silky smooth Chorus That ties everything together. Hailing from the Southside of Chicago 51st and King Drive to be Exact. All the Way to Compton On The Legendary Greenleaf Blvd. The Very Place The Godfather of Gangsta Rap Grew up And Started N.W.A. Between Both of These Hardcore Grim-my Environments The Storytelling Won’t Disappoint.

Lil Eazy-E


Iris Ivana Grant Subculture Of Giving It’s A Lifestyle

Iris Ivana Grant Subculture Of Giving It’s A Lifestyle

Subculture of giving: it’s a lifestyle | Iris Ivana Grant | TEDxJacksonville

Subculture of giving: it’s a lifestyle Traditionally, philanthropy has been thought of as something that the rich fund, the middle class volunteers for, and the poor and needy receive. But philanthropic giving is more than just money. It is a process of creatively giving to others, and in so doing, fulfilling our basic human need to connect with our own humanity. Regardless of socioeconomic status or age, every person can cultivate a philanthropic lifestyle, one that teaches them to live, reach, and stretch themselves in a way that fills them with purpose, love, empathy, and compassion.

Iris Ivana Grant

4 releases his new album Tetrapohbia

Texas artist 4 released his new ‘Tetrapohbia’ album on August 8th 2022


Fear 4 as ‘Tetraphobia‘ contains straight pressure. This album has an impact that most can relate to being that he plays in the NBA and is now showcasing raw talent by letting you into his life!! He locked himself in the gym and the studio with oohthizaezbeat who helped elevate and channel 4 to where the industry should take notice! All in house production 4DHOUSE 4DATEAMTHO!!
Deeply connected in Houston throughout. From 4th ward to Southwest to Mo City to Philly!!!

Check out the album


Sumo Lit drops his new EP “Lit SZN”

Highly anticipated EP Lit SZN by Sumo Lit released August 8th 2022

lit szn

Sumo Lit drops “Lit SZN” and brings you that party vibe and go hard music again and again. The single “Love It” has been making waves and breaking out in several regions and building up steam. The upcoming 2nd single “Again” is the follow up that is going to take “Lit SZN” over the top! As you make your way through the 7 song EP that you will keep on repeat.

Check it out

K Hill270 Channels The Matrix’s Neo in His Debut Visual “RED Pill”

Kentucky up-and-comer, K Hill270 has a message for all of those who are sleeping through their life. It comes in the form of his debut single, “RED Pill”, an homage to that scene in The Matrix where Morpheus opens Neo’s eyes for the first time – an awakening from which there is no return.

Produced by Tropical Gameboy, “RED Pill” is every bit the trip one might imagine. The accompanying visual kicks off depicting K Hill270 as Mr. Anderson, Keanu’s pre-Neo persona, grabbing the ‘red pill’ from Morpheus, thus launching his own spiritual awakening. “RED Pill” represents balance.” K Hill270 explains. “It’s a celebration of stepping out of your everyday struggles and stepping into your dreams – signifying that the choice is yours.”

“RED Pill” is the first single from K Hill270’s forthcoming mix-tape, “Kentucky Blue Grass”, hosted by DJ X-Rated and expected to release in early fall via Designated Hitters Music Group/Penalty Entertainment/The Orchard/Sony. He describes the project as a solid blend of club and party songs with storied street songs meant to inspire. “I’m just trying to showcase my versatility in every regard with this project.” He explains. “I wanted this project to show as many sides of me as possible while letting the world know how cool it is being from Kentucky. I’m pushing Bluegrass worldwide.”

Kentucky may not come immediately to mind when the subject of famous rappers comes up but K Hill aims to change that. As a classically trained vocalist with a marketing degree, he certainly possesses the right ingredients. “When most people think of Kentucky, they think Louisville or Lexington which is Eastern Kentucky.” He says. “I’m from Western Kentucky, an entirely unique place with a lot of talented musicians. I just want to shed a light on where I’m from so that maybe, more people like me can do the same. Nappy Roots is the only known name that came out of the 270 and that was 20 years ago. Now I feel like it’s my turn!”

Stream “RED Pill” via the link below and be sure to leave some feedback on the video.

New Video: Jaraiyia Alize’- Ready To Go (Official Trailer)

New Video: Jaraiyia Alize’- Ready To Go (Official Trailer)

Go listen, and watch Jaraiyia Alize “Ready To Go” official trailer.
The official music video drops soon. Follow Jaraiyia Alize’ on all
social media platforms. Jaraiyia Alize’ has fast become a hot topic
for all music fans especially R&B and Hip-Hop fans. Today, the
Danville, Illinois, native artist will release her “Ready To Go”
behind the scenes. Ready To Go is her third project and first of 2022.
Jaraiyia Alize’ has been approaching the R&B and hip-hop limelight for
months, and now, it seems, she’s bathing in it. Jaraiyia Alize’ will
soon be in the ranks of the fastest-rising up-and-coming artists in
the music, and entertainment industry.

Jaraiyia Alize’

Check Out Our Exclusive Interview With Rising International Star @iamjameseland & Download “Mood” Available On All Platforms !! @jlawsonmusicgroup #JamesEland #Mood #JlawsonMusicGroup #NtuneEntGrp

Check Out Our Exclusive Interview 
With Rising International Star 
@iamjameseland & Download 
“Mood” Available On All Platforms !! 

 #JamesEland #Mood #JlawsonMusicGroup #NtuneEntGrp

At Ntune Entertainment Group we are all about discovering/promoting new & dope talent to the world. Check out our exclusive interview with rising international star James Eland below and don’t forget to comment, share, download “Mood” 
and follow the artist!

1.How did you get started in music ?

I started off back in 2010 under a then known international YOUTH MUSIC EXCHANGE (YME) from New York which was led by Dr Michael Bitz. I formed a digital band of 7 called THE METEORYTZ and we released an album under YME project, up until it closed down in 2013. Started going Solo in 2017 with my hit Single called DRINKS POPPIN’ which I released under my own label MUSIC YARD COMMUNITY ENTERTAINMENT. Then followed the rest of the songs under distribution by JLAWSON MUSIC GROUP.
2. Who are some of your musical influences? 
Tracy Chapman, Don Williams, Brian Adams, Femi kuti, Oliver Mtukudzi, Winky-d, 
T.I, Young Jeezy, Dj Khaled, Kabza De Small, Ricky Rick, Rick Ross, Mr Flamboyant etc.
3.If you had to describe your performance style in one word what would that be?
My style in one word is UNIQUE 

 4. What makes you unique?

The people who listen and support my music are exceptional they comment more of my uniqueness than I do. This makes me unique a lil more

 5. Who would you like to work with, be it producers, artists, mainstream or indie?

I would love to work with T.I, Trey Songz, Casper Nyovest (RSA), and other good as I am up coming musicians.

6. Who have you been working with thus far?
Thus far I have been working with Mr. Flamboyant, Dj Rick Live and various djs and producers like locally Dj T Hustle, Gabz Fire and Viper Beetz ( Producers With Venom)
7. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced?
The beginning of Lockdown due to COVID-19 back in 2020 that got us paused for almost 2years due to performance restrictions and funding. Also another challenge was getting a good management before I came across JLMG. Being in this industry is tough for that breakthrough.
8. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done? 
The craziest thing I ever done was to think education is not necessary. Which is why now am studying again. Education is power especially in this industry one needs that back up plan.
9.Favorite show experience thus far?
Local show I perfomed in 2018 called the GQOM LIVE MUSIC FESTIVAL. That was the best experience for sure10.Where do you see yourself in five years?
Live performance on huge platform like Festivals and cooperate stages. Also high number of audience attendance. Wanna be in the mainstream in 5 years possibly
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New Music: Jaraiyia Alize’ – Ready To Go (Behind The Scenes)

New Music: Jaraiyia Alize’ – Ready To Go (Behind The Scenes)

Jaraiyia Alize’ has fast become a hot topic for all music fans especially R&B and Hip-Hop fans. Today, the Danville, Illinois, native artist will release her “Ready To Go” behind the scenes. Ready To Go is her third project and first of 2022. Jaraiyia Alize’ has been approaching the R&B and hip-hop limelight for months, and now, it seems, she’s bathing in it. Jaraiyia Alize’ will soon be in the ranks of the fastest-rising up-and-coming artists in the music, and entertainment industry.

Jaraiyia Alize’ had a breakout moment with the release of her previous two singles, silent music videos, and silent short film trailers. She keeps building, and growing from there. In August of 2021, he reached the Top 50 Apple Music song charts for the first time thanks to a growing fanbase she calls Pearlz. Jaraiyia Alize’ is on her way to becoming the music industry’s next most promising superstar, and songstress. Jaraiyia has an intense, and relatable story to tell and what better way for her to express those emotions through singing, and making music. With inspirational icons to admire such as, Beyonce’, Rihanna, Anita Baker, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift; it’s with versatility and personal experiences that have molded Jaraiyia into yet another iconic artist in the making. Now working on musical projects with some notable collaborations such as Ryini Beats, Travis Cherry, and more.

Jaraiyia Alize’, plans to create music that inspires, and memorizes fans. I believe that I can bring diversity to the music industry. I love music from all cultures and walks of life. Music is what connects us as human beings, and I want to connect us all. Through my music I plan to uplift, guide, educate, and heal the world. The legacy that I will leave behind is self-love, peace, and harmony amongst all Pearlz. I want to be remembered as the artist that healed the world. Stay connected with musician and talented artist Jaraiyia Alize’. Jaraiyia Alize’ released her first ever NFT Project.

This NFT project represents Jaraiyia’s first venture into the world of digital assets, and is out now. The Piano Man non-fungible token (NFT) is part of Jaraiyia Alize’s first NFT collection along with The Pearlz NFT Auction. You can purchase it via M&G Collections and Rarible. This project was conceived by Jaraiyia Alize’ and her team as a way for her to connect with her ever growing fan base in a unique way leveraging blockchain technology. Go listen, and watch Jaraiyia Alize “Ready To Go” behind the scenes. The official trailer, and music video drops soon. Follow Jaraiyia Alize’ on all social media platforms.

Jaraiyia Alize’