New Video: HelikaMuziq – Not Your Girlfriend | @HelikaMuziq

New Video: HelikaMuziq – Not Your Girlfriend

Phoenix Arizona is a place where a lot of different music lives and strives. The latina’s and the latino’s have a strong hold on the market and the music they are creating is nothing short of incredible. One of the rising stars from the valley is a young lady by the name of HelikaMuziq. She is a Latina R&B Singer and songwriter that has crazy swag within her writing skills. Her pen game is crazy vicious.

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One of the most interesting things is that it took for her heart to be broken , for us to get this awesome , soulful music that will touch people in all cultures around the world. The woman is a superstar in the making and that will be a proven fact once the world hears what she has to offer everyone. 

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HelikaMuziq has a crazy video for her smash record , which is called”Not Your Girlfriend.” The concept behind this record is off the chain but the concept behind the video is nothing short of game changing. This is what we like to call , a next level visual.