Uh, uh, uh, uh

Uh, uh

They know

It’s mob business ni-


We was hard headed, underrated, cold hearted, now they hate us, for the fact we made it the farthest (Did it better than them ni-)

Ninth grader, when the feds made him a target, he don’t wanna do no wrong just imitating his father

Cop foreign, straight eight and dodge charger (Skrrrr)

Brand new glocks and drakes, they can’t harm us

True mobsters, smoke up like we rastas

No imposters, look out, the streets watchin’

Seen profits, it’s beef, we bring chopsticks (Bap, bap, bap)

Many glocks spit, the switch is spittin’ hot shit (Brrrrrr)

Know we locked in, from Harlem way to Bompton

And we top 10, on blogs we be the topic

Tell ‘em stop it, we got it them ni- dropped it

Did a Gangsta Grill wit’ Drama soon as I hopped in

Steak and Lobster spill blood over this pasta (Bap, bap, bap, bap, bap)

Used to play the roc wit’ my ni-, I feel like Hoffa

They know

Ni- this mob business and don’t trust no ni- if it ain’t my ni

You gon’ die in the middle so pick a side ni-

Ni- screaming it’s love but he ain’t ridin’ wit’ us, he ain’t ride, uh

It’s do or die ni-, just give me teflon love until we die ni- (Teflon love)

Whether right or you wrong I’m gon’ slide wit’ you (BSF, D-Block)

Me and you against the world I’m picking sides wit’ you

They know

We could ride on these ni- or we can walk and get ‘em (Either or)

Fish scale in the snorkel when I had Porsha visions

Took a block then another block, now it’s another drop, and another spot

Yeah you fuckin’ with ni- that get ya brother popped (What up?)

Cartel shit, keep the L lit

I get it sold but never sell shit

I been told ni- I never tell shit (Never)

Never mind, mind can’t see what it never finds

10 plugs in a room, makes it 11 lines (Get it)

Probably outside in a Porsche that is lemon lime (Skrrrr)

No I ain’t a Blood or a Crip, but I could send a sign

They think I’m saying bye (Bye)

I’m really saying BY, that’s the Buffalo to Yonkers express for a pie (Mmmmmm)

Colombian neck tie, 100 shots fly

But I rather stay low, be cool, get high (I’m low)


Ni- this mob business and don’t trust no ni- if it ain’t my ni

You gon’ die in the middle so pick a side ni-

Ni- screaming it’s love but he ain’t ridin’ wit’ us, he ain’t ride, uh

It’s do or die ni-, just give me teflon love until we die ni-

Whether right or you wrong I’m gon’ slide wit’ you

Me and you against the world I’m picking sides wit’ you

You know I’m ridin’ wit’ you (The Butcher comin’ ni-)

They know

I’m pickin’ sides for my ni- if I don’t fuck with you they won’t

It’s vice versa so, sometimes I run into they smoke

I know them ni- lit, but I really get into shit (I do)

These rap ni- fallin’ out about who you take pictures wit’ (What?)

I built bonds with’ ni-, some from biddin’, some flippin’ bricks

These industry ni- 50/50 they hit or miss (Damn)

Ni- mad at Butch for shit that they didn’t get, for 10 years I been paying for lawyers and sendin’ pics (Huh)

At the hospital bed by my dog when they paralyzed him (‘Member that)

For that, we went through ni- hoods and we terrorized ‘em

I got 50 guns, HK’s and a pair of llamas, Aye security which straps legal as marijuana ? (Huh)

Gettin’ cash in my city, so if they asking ‘bout Benny ? I got a stack full of Bennies take a bad bitch to Dennys (Bad bitch to Dennys)

And this for my ni- duffle, this BSF shit for life, I’ll see you in a couple (Let’s go)

Ni- this mob business and don’t trust no ni- if it ain’t my ni

You gon’ die in the middle so pick a side ni-

Ni- screaming it’s love but he ain’t ridin’ wit’ us, he ain’t ride, uh

It’s do or die ni-, just give me teflon love until we die ni-

Whether right or you wrong I’m gon’ slide wit’ you

Me and you against the world I’m picking sides wit’ you

They know

New Music: WallsWontFall – DEMONSTRATION Featuring Detroit AR | @DaWallsWontFallNew

New Music: WallsWontFall – DEMONSTRATION Featuring Detroit AR

WallsWontFall has been on top of his music game like no tomorrow. The flows he has been displaying to the world are flat out , out of control and it’s going to be hard for a lot of MC’s to catch up with what he is doing right now.

Stream WallsWontFall On Your Favorite Streaming Platform:

The name of the new record is “DEMONSTRATION” featuring Detroit AR. There is a lot to say about this masterpiece but I think it is best to let you guys take a listen for yourself by clicking the link below.

New Music: Just Rich Gates And Skeezy Scott – Lost Files Reloaded

New Music: Just Rich Gates And Skeezy Scott – Lost Files Reloaded

It’s go time people, Just Rich Gates and Skeezy Scott just linked up to bring us some powerful music. This project is titled the “Lost Files Reloaded” and they are not playing any games whatsoever on this thing. 
This project has a lot of exclusive unreleased classic songs/remakes that probably went over a lot of people’s heads but now this collection of music is out for the die hard JCE Dirt Gang BSM fans and supporters of real street bangers.
The feature list is stacked to the wall with names like Chaz Gotti, Pastor Troy, Dame Luchiano, Bloody Jay, Diego Landlord, DaeDaeFab5, Yung Bzo, Slim Dunkin, Prospect Penz, Spiiker & more.
This is timeless music that has been selected and put into a project for the day one real ones and the new fans as will. Click the link below to listen right here right now. 

New Music: Boss Hog Law – Rose’s | @Bosshoglaw

New Music: Boss Hog Law – Rose’s

Checkout Boss Hog Law’s new single “Rose’s” everyone deserves their Rose’s one way or another. Boss Hog Law the artist has a dope clothing brand. Go checkout Boss Hog Law apparel shop now they have what you need. Check “Rose’s” out on all digital streaming platforms.

Boss Hog Law
Apparel site:

New Music: Danny Boy – This Song

New Music: Danny Boy – This Song

Chicago Creed Music Group releases the hot new single “THIS SONG” from Legendary R&B soul singer, Danny Boy. As you may know, former Death Row Artist, Danny Boy is beyond a legendary R&B soul singer. Danny Boy is a true artist, an author of his debut book, Stranded on Death Row, an entrepreneur opening up his restaurant Oh Danny Boy’s on the westside of Chicago, and being comfortable as a gay Black man in supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Checkout Danny Boy’s EPK, and listen to the new single “THIS SONG” via

TOPNOTCH BOI – STREET LOVE (FT. ZAYTOVEN) Official Visual streaming now @TopNoTch__Boi

TopNotch Boi Partners With Legendary Producer Zaytoven to Release the Classic Cut, “Street Love” 

 Between completing his tour and releasing the Zaytoven-produced banger, “Street Love,” TopNotchBoi is living his best life. The Evansville, Indiana-born artist, Micheal Gray aka TopNotchBoi has become widely known for his talents on the mic. His lyrical abilities are immaculate, and his flow is deserving of being in the books with the greats of hip-hop. With time and practice, his sound evolved to an edgy rap style with melodic harmonies complementing distinct 808 drums over a diverse range of beats. TopNotchBoi’s music is a reflection of his upbringing and lifestyle, dropping street knowledge from the experiences that gave rise to his dreams of success and a lifestyle worth grinding for. His character is authentic, and his bars aren’t make-believe. 

His latest song, the TopNotch Entertainment released single, “Street Love,” attests to this truth, while at the same time delivering a track that has left listeners in a state of mass hysteria. The Zaytoven-produced single has been on a warpath since its release in August 2022, transforming clubs into a turn-upfest of good vibes and performances into a moment forever engraved into the hearts and minds of patrons. Only the greatest of hits hold that prestige in hip-hop, and now TopNotchBoi’s single, “Street Love” has joined the short list. 

 The track has something for everyone. Musicians can get lost in the crisp Zaytoven production with keyboard patterns, synths, drums, and hi-hat combine together like an audible masterpiece of impeccable sound. Listeners can find pleasure in TopNotchBoi’s rhyme scheme articulation finessing the beat out of all it’s worth, effortlessly and impressively. “Street Love” is the perfect blend of contemporary hip-hop and melodies of neo-soul and R&B. 

 Whether fans of styles like Juice WRLD, Kanye West, Chris Brown, or any other icon, “Street Love” will blow your mind. Stream the single out now before the release of the upcoming music video.

For Features/Bookings: 321-356-9403

New Double release by D-Mo The Don WITHOUT ME & DOWN SOUTH @Strugglenomoent

Gary, Indiana’s very own D-Mo The Don makes his return with not one but 2 amazing singles. The first is titled WITHOUT ME..A very nice track. The production is great. The ladies will definitely love this single here. A very catchy hook and D-Mo The Don’s lyrics and delivery is unmatched…D-Mo The Don wrote the hook as well which is sung by up-and-coming R&B artist Zay out of Virginia. Great work fella’s!!…


 The second single is a definite banger…Production is crazy.808,s hitting hard It’s titled DOWN SOUTH… D-Mo The Don returns to his southern roots for this single here. The OG lived in Atlanta previously for many years and has many industry friends in one of the south’s Hip Hop Meccas!!…This just feels like a vibe…I don’t know where D-Mo The Don has been but I’m definitely glad he decided to drop this on us…. Both singles are available for download on All Platform’s on 9/11…I know I’ll be getting mine. Keep it coming D-Mo The Don…Much RESPECT!! 


New Video: Jaraiyia Alize’- Ready To Go

New Video: Jaraiyia Alize’- Ready To Go

Go watch Jaraiyia Alize’ “Ready To Go” official music video. Jaraiyia Alize’ has fast become a hot topic for all music fans especially R&B, and Hip-Hop fans. Today, the Danville, Illinois, native artist released her “Ready To Go” official music video. Ready To Go is Jaraiyia Alize’ third project first of 2022, and definitely not her last. Jaraiyia Alize’ has been approaching the R&B and hip-hop limelight for months, and now, it seems, she’s bathing in it. Jaraiyia Alize’ will soon be in the ranks of the fastest-rising up-and-coming artists in the music, and entertainment industry in history. Follow Jaraiyia Alize’ on all social media platforms. Stream Jaraiyia Alize’ singles on all digital platforms.

Jaraiyia Alize’

New Video: HelikaMuziq – Not Your Girlfriend | @HelikaMuziq

New Video: HelikaMuziq – Not Your Girlfriend

Phoenix Arizona is a place where a lot of different music lives and strives. The latina’s and the latino’s have a strong hold on the market and the music they are creating is nothing short of incredible. One of the rising stars from the valley is a young lady by the name of HelikaMuziq. She is a Latina R&B Singer and songwriter that has crazy swag within her writing skills. Her pen game is crazy vicious.

Stream HelikaMuziq Music By Clicking The Link Below:

One of the most interesting things is that it took for her heart to be broken , for us to get this awesome , soulful music that will touch people in all cultures around the world. The woman is a superstar in the making and that will be a proven fact once the world hears what she has to offer everyone. 

See What The Hype Is All About By Clicking The Link Below::

HelikaMuziq has a crazy video for her smash record , which is called”Not Your Girlfriend.” The concept behind this record is off the chain but the concept behind the video is nothing short of game changing. This is what we like to call , a next level visual.

Latin Emerging Music Artist Jadi Torres

We’re happy to be speaking today with a phenomenal Latin American singer Jadi Torres! Before we get started, how has 2022 been treating you thus far? 

2022 has been nothing short of amazing. I have been able to jump head first into many projects that were only a dream in conversation a few months prior, so needless to say, i am loving 2022   
What was the role of music in the early years of your life? 
Music saved my life. I used writing to express myself, I was 9 when I first started writing. I would write poems and add melodies to my lines. Then I was introduced to r&b, the rest was history.   

Who was your main musical inspiration? 
 Lauryn Hill   
What are your top 5 dream collaborations? 
Lauryn hill, HER, alicia keys, justin timberlake, ed sheeran   

Do you create music for yourself or for your fans? 
I believe its a mixture of both    

What is your best gig you’ve ever played? 
A concert in Texas. It was amazing, everyone was vibing.   

How do you energize your audience? 
Engaging them and making them a part of every second of my performance.   

What is the biggest problem you have encountered in the journey of music? 
Getting opportunities. When youre an indie artist everything is done by you and for you so the grind to be noticed and respected doubles.   

What are your other interests besides music? 
I love acting and writing. If i wasnt doing my own music i would be completely into just acting and i will never stop writing., but i also love food and traveling!! So its a bunch of other things, music just holds a special place in my heart.   

What advice would you give to someone inspired to walk in your footsteps? 
 Its going to be hard work to get where you want to get but the benefits will be reaped by the sense of accomplishment and joy that comes along with doing what you love, so dont give up, even when it seems theres nothing else you can do, keep the faith and push through.   

What can your fans look forward to seeing next from the phenomenal artist Jadi Torres? 
They’re going to get the best music they have ever heard from me! Im going to continue to inspire every dreamer with my life and accomplishments so i hope they dont get tired, im here for the long run.