Candace Owens on the Breakfast Club: “Black People Create Magic. We Have Unbelievable Talent”

Charlamagne tha God believes in conversation over confrontation. This morning, Charlamagne, DJ Envy, and Jess Hilarious put actions behind those words, hosting an in-depth conversation with Candace Owens on 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, where they discussed black America, Donald Trump, TI, and more.

It was a moving but also hilarious Breakfast Club episode. On the humorous front, the hosts quizzed Candace on black culture. They asked Candace how many fights Will Smith had before his mom kicked him out of the house. To answer, Candace rapped “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme.” Answer: Will had one fight. (“His mom overreacted,” Candace joked.)

In a more poignant moment, Charlamagne asked Candace about black excellence. 

“Black people create magic when we want to,” Candace said. “We have unbelievable talent.”

These were just some of the fascinating moments on the show. 

More stand-out quotes from the Breakfast Club interview with Candace Owens: 

Candace Owens on People Calling Her Uncle Tom

The hosts asked Candace how she felt when she was called an Uncle Tom. “If they read the book, Uncle Tom was the hero,” she joked, before explaining that she doesn’t fault people: “How can I fault people for something I would have engaged in for the majority of my life?”

Candace Owens on TI

Charlamagne asked Candace to explain her beef with TI. She broke down how TI expressed conservative views to her in private, but then in public railed on Candace for not being a leftist. “TI is a trash person,” Candace said. “TI was putting on a show.” 

Candace Owens on Diddy’s Sex Ring

Both Candace Owens and The Breakfast Club have gone in-depth on the allegations that Diddy operated a sex ring. “[The lawsuit] suggests Diddy is the Jeffrey Epstein of Hollywood,” Candace said. “The Diddy lawsuit led me to ask larger questions about [black media].” 

Candace Owens on Marrying a White Man

When asked why she married a white man, Candace said, “I never thought of my husband as a race… It was difficult for me to find a partner that was a challenge to me… with my same interests… People tend to marry their IQ… I fell in love with my husband because he’s one of the most brilliant people ever.”

She went on to explain how she presumed she would marry an Asian man. “I started out on an Asian kick in my life,” Candace said. “I just really loved Asian men.” 

Candace Owens on Foreign Policy

Discussing Americans’ foreign policies on multiple continents, Candace said, “America has done horrible things.”

Candace Owens on Her Stance on Israel

The hosts asked Candace about her take on the tragic war in the Middle East. 

“I don’t want to see innocent Palestinians killed. I don’t want to see innocent Israelis killed,” Candace said. “I don’t believe children should have to grow up in a warzone based on the actions of a few.”

Candace Owens on Dave Chappelle’s Joke About Her

Candace has no beef with Dave Chappelle for mocking her. “We need the comedians,” Candace said. “I think it was important to rise above it. What was I gonna say, ‘Cancel Dave Chapelle?’”

Candace Owens on Ice Spice

“I don’t have anything against Ice Spice,” Candace clarified. “She’s young… But I am seeing this artificial promotion. Of all the people, that’s who Taylor Swift decided… to take to the Super Bowl?”